Department of Defense Fueling Facility, Stormwater Drainage Evaluation and Compliance, Los Angeles Harbor, California

Stormwater Evaluation Services

As part of an effort to bring the facility into compliance with governing stormwater rules and regulations, the TERRA Stormwater Support Team performed a drainage area evaluation to identify any potential non-compliance issues (TERRA is supporting  the prime contractor on the project). As part of the evaluation, the TERRA team created a topographic base map of the entire facility to identify drainage areas and generate a hydraulic model. The model calculated stormwater flow from each drainage area identified as well as the estimated runoff volume for the facility. Based on the data compiled, our team made recommendations to the client for improving the site's drainage facilities including clearing several drainage features which had been overtaken by dense vegetation, and site-wide implementation of BMPs including silt fencing, straw wattles, gravel dikes, geotextile matting, hydroseeding, and various inlet protection devices.

DoD, Defense Energy Support Center - San Pedro Fuel Terminal, Los Angeles, California

Environmental Remedial Action Design Services

Under contract to the Defense Logistic Agency’s Defense Energy Support Center, TERRA is supporting the prime contractor in providing site assessment, remedial action design, operation and maintenance, and groundwater monitoring and sampling services at the 350-acre Defense Fuel Support Point San Pedro military fuel storage and distribution facility, located adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles. In addition to operating an integrated free product recovery and soil and groundwater treatment system, TERRA staff are designing a second remedial system for installation in the administration area of the site.

Additionally, TERRA assisted in developing  a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS), hazardous waste management plans, and pilot/bench scale remedial studies, includingplans and specification estimates.

Orphaned Oil Facility Abandonment and Site Redevelopment, Southern California

Environmental Investigation and Remediation Construction Services

TERRA is a member of The Source Group, Inc. (SGI)’s team which is under contract with the Port of Los Angeles as the lead contractor for the environmental investigation and remedial construction elements of the redevelopment of a former industrial site for use as a community park.  The TERRA team’s orphaned facility decommissioning and site restoration work included: Removal of 5 USTs and over-excavation to remove contaminated soil; abandonment and removal of orphan petroleum pipelines; identification of two abandoned oil wells and conducting of leak testing in accordance with DOGGR protocol; excavating soil from the northern portion of the site in preparation for city street widening; conducting methane testing per city of Los Angeles Building and Safety requirements; oversight during demolition of site buildings and other sub grade features; and development and execution of all remediation plans in preparation for redevelopment. All work has been reviewed and approved by the DTSC, completed on time and within approved budgets and without a lost time injury or any incidents.

Challenge Faced: The site is located in a sensitive coastal area with intense public and regulatory visibility, and contains abandoned USTs, orphaned petroleum pipelines, abandoned oil production wells and a variety of other sub grade features and abandoned site buildings.  

Actions Taken/Resolutions: The TERRA team’s meticulous investigation work uncovered multiple USTs and abandoned pipelines at the site that had not been identified in any public records.

Oil Production and Injection Well Surface Abandonment, Los Angeles Harbor, California

Environmental Remediation & Construction Services 

TERRA is a strategic member of the prime contractor’s team that was contracted by a national oil and gas production company to perform all tasks required to decommission and remove oil production and injection well infrastructure at urban oil field sites and restore the sites to their original condition. TERRA has successfully assisted in the performance of a multitude of project responsibilities, including demolition and removal of pump jack and all associated concrete foundation; excavation of site soil; fitting and welding a cap on well head; coordinating with Los Angeles Fire Department and DOGGR for all sign-off; removal of all associated flow lines to property boundary and electrical panels associated with production.

Working closely with the prime contractor, The TERRA team has  developed comprehensive work plans, which vary based on the size of the parcels and complexity of the abandoned facilities. Work includes identifying specific location of all wells, abandoned lines, and underground tanks as well as delineation of surface and subsurface contamination and plumes. The team’s work thus far has allowed for successful restoration of these urban sites, transforming the properties from financial liabilities into regional assets.

Additionally, the team’s performance on this contract has resulted in a range of benefits for the national oil and gas production company, including a reduced number of on-site contractors – resulting in cost-savings and reduced risk – improved regulatory relationships, enhanced balance sheet due to land improvement and environmental liability elimination and an enhanced image in the community in this highly visible region.

Challenge Faced: Operations are conducted in a tight urban environment within the Los Angeles Harbor region. Safety concerns are particularly critical in this region of high traffic, busy industrial operations and high visibility.

Actions Taken/Resolutions: The TERRA team has maintained an excellent Health and Safety record on this contract, reflecting positively on our client's operations.

Chemical Blending and Bulk Storage Facility, Silicon Valley, California

Environmental Remediation Services

TERRA is implementing remediation actions for soil and groundwater contamination associated with a chemical storage and blending facility in Sunnyvale as a member of the prime contractor’s environmental consulting and engineering team. Past operations resulted in Chlorinated VOC and petroleum hydrocarbon impacts to the subsurface. Soil and groundwater impacts include extensive on- and off-site soil contamination and a 3,000-foot dissolved CVOC plume. Our team developed, negotiated and implemented a comprehensive remedial program to address soil and groundwater contamination and cap the client’s long- term environmental liabilities. The approved remedial approach was designed to provide significant contaminant mass source reduction and passive, long-term containment of the dissolved plume. Based on results of extensive feasibility screenings and bench and pilot scale testing, four key technologies were selected, including in-situ chemical oxidation via ozone gas utilizing an innovative injection system (the largest application of this technology to date in North America) to reduce contaminant sources. 

The TERRA team’s role included developing, designing and implementing a revised, comprehensive remedial program and reestablishing a solid working relationship with the California Regional Water Quality Control  Board (RWQCB), the lead regulatory agency.

Challenge Faced: Remedial investigation and remediation activities performed by past consultants at the site spanned over 14 years and failed to adequately delineate the extent of soil and groundwater impacts or remediate soil and groundwater. 

Actions Taken/Resolutions: Within two years of taking over the project, TERRA staff successfully completed all remedial investigations, remedial feasibility/pilot testing and remedial design work to the satisfaction of the RWQCB.

Power Substation - San Jose, California

Environmental Consulting Services as Tier 2 subcontractor

TERRA provided environmental consulting services consisting of a range of compliance, O&M and remedial activities at the site of a major electrical substation just south of San Jose. Contaminants of concern at the site include petroleum hydrocarbons (e.g. mineral oil) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).  TERRA initially completed a detailed Health and Safety Plan for the site.  

Challenge Faced: Maintaining required site and health safety standards is the primary concern on this substation project due to the extremely dangerous conditions of working around active high voltage power lines (of 500,000 volts), contaminants like PCBs and mineral oil found on substation sites, and the existence of creeks on the project site.

Actions Taken/Resolutions: TERRA has modeled our own health and safety plan on the client’s stringent Health and Safety Plan and carefully monitored all requirements, including wearing Personal Protective Equipment. TERRA’s scope of work on this substation project includes monitoring the elevation of the stream, as well as providing required maintenance and cleaning of stream gauges. Our team carefully follows all procedures and protocols including wearing of chest waders, life vests and implementation of the buddy system at all times onsite. TERRA has maintained a 100% safety record on this project. 

Former Power Facility - Hunter's Point, San Francisco

Environmental Consulting and Engineering Services as Tier 2 subcontractor 

TERRA is supporting the prime contractor for the full-scale remediation program at a former former large Northern California utility company’s power plant site. The remediation program consists of in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) injections combined with surfactant injections. TERRA provides trained Operations & Maintenance (O&M) technical field staff, materials and supplies to monitor, update, and support the implementation of the remediation program in concert with the prime contractor at this former power plant site. 

TERRA participates in comprehensive safety meetings, compliance inspections, and daily tailgate safety meetings with the utility company and other subcontractor representatives during field activities.

Challenge Faced: The TERRA team was faced with unusually challenging permitting schedules and requirements due to the urgency of the project timeline for portions of the work. 

Actions Taken/Resolutions: TERRA project staff took an “all hands on deck” approach, professionally communicated the extreme sense of urgency of the desired outcome to the permitting agency (the City), executed a multi-point communication plan to the agency (in which TERRA and the prime contractor both worked together and delivered a consistent message), and successfully obtained the required permits within one or two days, which would normally take approximately a week.

Challenge Faced: Working in an area that is well-known for high crime rates and related safety challenges, TERRA project staff mitigated the difficult safety conditions of the work location by recognizing the need to adapt normal safety protocol to meet the unique requirements of this project. Failure to recognize the need and make these important adaptions could have resulted in risky, unsafe outcomes.

Actions Taken/Resolutions: TERRA project staff took extra precautions in all tasks. For example, when crossing streets at the site, staff would walk to the closest traffic signal rather than use crosswalks. They found this was necessary due to the high speed and erratic behavior of drivers in the area, which posed significant risk to pedestrians. This attention to unique safety needs has resulted in no safety incidents for TERRA’s work/staff at this active site. 

Southern California Edison - Alhambra SCE Facility, Alhambra, California

Environmental Survey: TERRA is supporting the prime consultant with the completion of a Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) for the Alhambra Southern California Edison (SCE) facility at the initial phase of site investigation under the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) oversight. The site history, potential source areas and types of contaminants were compiled in a PEA. The investigation continued with extensive soil and soil gas sampling and reporting of findings for three areas of concern. The TERRA team assisted with organizing and implementing public participation components on behalf of DTSC, which involved producing mailers and participating at public meetings at a local school to present a remedial action plan for AOC-2.

Hydrogeologic Investigation: At the request of USEPA, Edison requested the project team prepare a detailed work plan for installation of three groundwater monitoring wells using sonic drilling with installation of soil gas sampling probes at multiple intervals in the annulus of each well. In 2013, after geophysical clearing of proposed locations and clearing of utilities to 10 feet deep using an air knife, TERRA supervised the drilling and construction of three groundwater monitoring wells to 190-200 feet below grade.

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