Environmental Consulting &

Regulatory Compliance

The TERRA Team manages clients’ environmental programs on a full or partial out-source basis. With limited resources and shrinking environmental budgets, out-sourcing environmental management is often a cost-effective alternative to maintaining full-time in-house environmental staff.

Our regulatory compliance programs focus on developing practical approaches that help our clients determine and implement the lowest cost environmental compliance solutions at their operating facilities. Our solutions are designed to simplify regulatory compliance issues, train in-house staff and mitigate the potential for future environmental liabilities.

Additionally, the TERRA Team provides a wide range of specialized and site-specific  stormwater  services to comply with the myriad of permitting involved with the California Storm Water General Construction Permit (GCP) and revised General Industrial Permit (GIP) to prevent stormwater  discharges. Services include:

  • SWPPP Preparation, NOI Permitting and Uploads to SMARTs

  • Soil Loss Calculations and Site Risk Evaluation

  • BMP Design, Installation and Maintenance

  • Preparation of REAPs and Storm Water Inspections

  • Annual Reporting

  • Stormwater Audits


Compliance programs typically begin with environmental audits to identify deficiencies  and regulatory issues at operating facilities. Compliance issues addressed during the audits can include air and process waste discharge (including Title V and NPDES permitting), materials handling, storage and disposal practices, proper record keeping, spill and discharge response, employee training and stormwater pollution prevention.