Supporting the Contractor

TERRA supports our contractor clients with completing pre-field tasks such as acquisition of applicable permits, traffic  control, stormwater spill prevention  and maintaining field supplies required to safely complete standard Operations and Maintenance (O&M) tasks and successfully implement the ISCO and other remediation systems.   

  • Field oversight of injection subcontractors, during field activities, including collection of water quality parameters (pre- and post-injection), and documentation of substrate volumes and injection rates.

  • Proper health and safety (H&S) engineering controls (exclusion zone set-up), administrative controls, and/or PPE (as needed). TERRA participates in comprehensive safety meetings, compliance inspections, and daily tailgate safety meetings with the utility provider and other subcontractors and representatives during field activities.

The TERRA team is accustomed to facing unusually challenging permitting schedules and requirements due to the urgency of a project timeline and  providing our services in today’s dynamic and ever-changing regulatory and economic climate and work closely with multiple local, regional, state and federal municipal and regulatory agencies. We value our relationships with the regulatory community, working hard to establish and maintain credibility and reliability with regulators, and this has many benefits throughout all phases of our project work.